Credit Unions Decoded

Cooperative banking

Credit Unions are not-for-profit, member-owned financial service cooperatives, founded on the basic principal of, People Helping People.  We offer all the same products and services you’ll find at a bank, but without the stockholders.

it's your moneyWHy not having stockholders is good for credit Union members

The more big banks can charge their customers in fees and interest, the fatter their stockholders’ wallets grow, and the leaner their customer's wallets get. But credit unions are member-owned cooperatives.  We're not obligated to make a profit for stockholders. Instead, our profits are returned to our members, as higher savings rates, lower interest rates on loans, and fewer fees.

Become an owner and let your money work for you!

It’s simple; credit unions have a vested interest in the financial success of every member because our members’ success ensures the success of the credit union.