manage your finances 

Now you can get a complete picture of your finances by bringing the information from all your accounts into our easy-to-use Personal Finance Manager. Our powerful software allows you to collect your account data from other financial institutions, credit cards, investment accounts, mortgage and insurance accounts into one place. Then, with all your information at your fingertips, our tools help you analyze your spending, track your investment portfolios, reach savings goals and take control of your finances.

Make managing your money enjoyable, educational, and entertaining. Trends is secure, safe and easy. Best of all, it's 100% free! You've got nothing to lose, only money to gain!

Personal Finance Manager Features

Trends offers access to more than 17,000 data sources, including banking, credit cards, investment accounts, stock plans, mortgages and insurance. 

  • Financial Dashboard. View your account balances at other financial institutions as well as snapshots of your net worth, current month cash flow, income, expenses, budgets and savings goals.
  • Budget Wizard. Create a budget within minutes, then automatically track spending for each category.
  • Reporting and Analysis. Charts, graphs and advanced search capabilities analyze spending habits to help you set better budgets and goals.
  • Customized Spending Alerts. Get notified when you're approaching spending limits in a particular category.

How to Access My Information in Trends

Log into Online Banking and click the Trends tab to get started and paint the picture of your financial future.