Help Get The Credit Union Small Business Jobs Bill Passed!

We urgently need your help with the most important legislative issue we’ve had in recent years: Getting our U.S. Legislators to pass Member Business Lending Bill S. 2231, The Credit Union Small Business Jobs Bill.
Credit unions are currently capped at 12.25% of their assets to lend to small businesses. Senate Bill 2231 raises it to 27.5%. This bill is crucial to credit unions like ours in continuing to lend to small businesses. Small business is at the heart of our economy, and this bill will create jobs, grow businesses and help consumers without costing ANYONE a dime.
We’re asking all of our members to make calls and send emails in support of this important legislation. Here’s how:

1) Call our Missouri U.S. Senators’ Washington D.C. offices

  • Claire McCaskill – (202) 224-6154
  • Roy Blunt – (202) 224-5721

2) Call our Missouri U.S. Senators’ local offices

  • Claire McCaskill – (314) 367-1364
  • Roy Blunt – (314) 725-4484

3) Contact both Senators using this link

Some basic facts about the S. Bill 2231 are already completed for you after you enter your ZIP code, but PLEASE customize the letter yourself to let them know you support credit unions being able to lend further to small businesses.
Please take action by calling and emailing your U.S. Senators today! And, thank you for your support!