The Home Depot Data Breach

We are making calls to all members whose cards have been compromised. These call are being made exclusively from (866) 520-4982.

The Home Depot Warns of Possible Phishing/Smishing Scams:

Due to the recent Home Depot data breach, we remind you to be on alert for any phony emails requesting personal or sensitive information. Use caution when accessing emails and DO NOT provide personal information.

Additional information regarding the data breach is available at The Home Depot website.

What should you do?

It is not necessary to contact us now unless you have unauthorized purchases. To report unauthorized purchases, please call us at (636) 720-2400 or (800) 500-6860, 24 hours a day.

Please know that we are always taking steps to protect your card by proactively monitoring for suspicious activity. We encourage you to review your recent card activity on Virtual Branch. If you do not recognize charges, or suspect you have fraudulent activity, please let us know. You are not responsible for unauthorized use of your card.

The Home Depot is offering identity protection services including credit monitoring for impacted customers. Learn about, and register for this service.

Additional important information:

  1. Ensure that we have telephone numbers (home, work and cell) in case we encounter suspicious transactions – a cell phone number is best. You can update your telephone numbers on Virtual Branch.
  2. Replacement credit cards have been mailed to affected members. Replacement debit cards will be mailed the week of October 27th.

Please visit the Resources section on our website for educational articles that provide tips on how to protect yourself against fraud.