Our busiest branches are your computers and cellphones. You visit Online and Mobile Banking over 3 million times every year, and that number keeps growing! That's why we built a more powerful and intuitive digital banking experience. 

We kept all the features you love, and added several great new features!

Track your spending

You’ll have real-time access to a spending analysis. You can conduct regular financial wellness check-ups, automatically calculate your forecasted spending, and much more.

Open new accounts in Online Banking

While we love to see you in our branches, we know you’re busy. As a convenience we’re making it possible to open accounts on your own from within Online and Mobile banking.

Aggregate your accounts

You'll be able to add external accounts to your West Community digital banking dashboard. You’ll have a single, secure place where you can see all your financial accounts.


All your Credit Union accounts in one place

In the new Online and Mobile Banking dashboard you’ll continue to see all the accounts you’re accustomed to seeing, plus you’ll see your Credit Union Student Loans, Credit Card activity, and be able to manage your Debit and Credit Cards on your own.

Set real-time custom alerts

We think one of the smartest ways to keep tabs on your accounts is with real-time alerts—so we added a lot of them! Alerts like­; a daily balance alert, Debit and Credit card transaction alerts, loan due alerts and a whole lot more! You’ll be able to set alerts and get the information you want, when you want it, and where you want it. 

Plan ahead with savings goals

We’re all about planning. You’ll be able to set a savings goal (or two, or three!) and we will allocate the amount you specify from one account to another. Over time you’ll be able to reach all your long-term savings goals, like a vacation, kitchen remodel, or a deposit for a new car.