Make a little wiggle room in your wallet. 

Skip a Loan Payment and Celebrate*

Our Skip-a-Pay program allows borrowers to skip a loan payment on qualifying loans every 6 months, up to 6 times during the life of your loan!

How to skip your loan payment:

  • Skip-A-Pay in Online or Mobile Banking. Simply navigate to the "Secure Forms" link and securely complete your request electronically.
  • Or complete the Skip-a-Pay form and return it to one of our branches.

Skip- a-payments are available on vehicle loans**, personal loans, and personal lines of credit.

You can even refinance a loan from another institution with us and delay your first payment for up to 45 days! Apply for a Loan 

A $25 processing fee will be charged for each loan payment skipped.


Skip-a-pay in Digital Banking!

Apply to skip a loan payment in Digital Banking.

  • Login

  • Navigate to the "Secure Forms" link under the 3 dots (•••)

  • Select, complete, and submit the "Skip a  Payment Request".

Login to skip-a-pay 

IMPORTANT: You must have at least $25 in your account for each loan payment you would like to skip. A $25 processing fee will be charged for each loan payment skipped.

*This program is available for all loans except; home equity products, credit cards, loans originated for less than $600, and mortgages. Loans must be in good standing, have had at least one payment since origination, have not had other payment deferments in the past six months, have not already skipped six payments during the term of the loan and meet additional eligibility limitations which may apply. During the Skip-a-Pay period, normal finance charges will continue to accrue and be payable with the last payment resulting in extending your loan term one month. If your loan payment is being debited from another institution, your authorization on this form will cancel it for the month selected. Please contact Member Services for more information. All borrowers must sign. 

**Please note: Skipping more than one payment per year may impact your GAP insurance coverage limits (if applicable).