Frequently Asked Questions About the Upgrade Sept. 30 through Oct. 3

A: We are upgrading with your best interest in mind: to stay ahead of the technology curve and continue to bring you innovative products and services. As a result of this upgrade, we will be able to offer you:

  • A more convenient streamlined banking experience
  • Existing and emerging technologies
  • Customizable Online Banking opportunities

Q: What do I need to do?

A: We have been working hard to ensure a smooth transition for you. Please watch for future communications and ensure the contact information we have for you is accurate and up-to-date.  You can update your information within Online Banking by calling the Credit Union, or visiting a branch. 

Real time upgrade updates are available on the Upgrade Page

Quicken users have unique requirements to ensure a smooth upgrade. Learn more. 

Q: Is my personal and financial information safe?

A: Yes. The safekeeping of member account and personal information is the Credit Union’s top priority. 

Q: Will branch hours be affected during the upgrade period?

A: Yes. All Credit Union branches (lobbies, drive-thrus and phones) will close at normal time on Friday, September 30th and will re-open at 9:00am on Tuesday, October 4th.

Q: Will I be able to access Online Banking during this time?

A: No. Online Banking will be unavailable from 6:00pm on Friday, September 30th until the banking platform goes live on Tuesday, October 4th. 

Q: Will I be able to access my mobile banking app during this time?

A: No. Our Mobile App will be unavailable from 6:00pm on Friday, September 30th until the banking platform goes live on Tuesday, October 4th. 

Q: Will I have access to Telephone Teller?

A. No. Telephone Teller will be unavailable from 6:00pm on Friday, September 30th until the banking platform goes live on Tuesday, October 4th. Please note Telephone Teller has new phone numbers: 

Telephone Teller number starting Oct. 4th (833) 830-0466

Q: Will my Debit card work during the upgrade?

A: Yes. However, transaction limits will be in effect beginning Friday, September 30th throughout the upgrade. We recommend having cash or an alternative form of payment on hand. 

Q: Will I be able to access ATMs during the upgrade timeframe?

A: Yes. You will be able to access ATMs, but you will not be able to view your account balance.  Please note that withdrawal amounts may be limited during this time. 

Q: Will Shared Branching be accessible during this time?

A: No. You will not be able to conduct transactions at Shared Branches from September 30th through October 3rd. 

Q: Will my checks still work?

A: Yes. You can continue to use your current checks as normal. 

Q: I have a direct deposit set up; will it work when you are closed?

A: Yes. Any ACH automatic deposits or automatic withdrawals you currently have set up will process as normal.

Q: Will I be able to access Bill Pay during the upgrade?

A: Bill Pay will be unavailable from Monday, September 26th until the banking platform goes live on Tuesday, October 4th.  

Pre-scheduled payments will process during this time, but you will not be able to add, delete, or modify scheduled payments or payees after September 26th. 

Please note: Bill Pay history will no longer be available. If you wish to have your own record of your bill payment history, we recommend downloading or printing the last 24 months of payment history from the Bill Pay system:   

  • Login to Online Banking 
  • Under the “Pay Bills” tab select “Activity” 
  • Click on “export activity”
  • Navigate to “Bill Pay” in the drop down

Q: What will happen to my scheduled loan payments during this time?

A: Payments will process as normal. However, you will not see this until October 4th when systems are available.

Q: What if I make a night drop when you are closed for the upgrade?

A: Any night drops made after 9:00am on Friday, September 30th will process on October 4th.

Q: How will my eBills be impacted during the upgrade?

A: Any eBills you are currently subscribed to will end on September 30th and will not transfer to the new Bill Pay system. Additionally, any automatic payments that you have tied to eBills will cease to be paid after September 30th.   After October 3rd, you will need to re-enroll in eBills at which time you will also be able to set up automatic eBill payments again. Please pay extra close attention to your October bills if you are currently enrolled in eBills as some companies require more time to process. 

Q: I have a loan payment due on October 1st, how do I make sure it’s paid on time? 

A: Make any known payments for during the planned system upgrade on September 29th or October 4th.  As a reminder, any automatic withdrawals from other financial institutions that you currently have set up will process within the usual time-frames.  

Please note that this excludes any transfers that were set up within Online Banking.   

Q: If I leave on vacation during the upgrade time frame, what should I do?

A: Come by any branch or give us a call before Friday, September 30th and we will make sure you have everything you need. Since branches will be closed through October 3rd, you will need to make sure you have enough cash before you leave.


 Frequently Asked Questions About Changes After Oct 3

A: Enter your existing username and password. You will then be asked to validate your identity using the phone number(s) or email address on record. You will then create a new password and review terms and conditions.  

Q: Will my Mobile App continue to work after the upgrade?

A: Yes. Your Mobile App will go through an automatic update to ensure you are using the latest version. 

Please Note:  If you do not have auto-update enabled for your device you may have to request the update from your App store after October 3rd. 

Q: Will I see my account history?

A: Your previous transaction history for 2022 will be available within the Online Banking.

Q: Will I lose my e-statement history?

A: No. The last 12 months of your eStatement history will be available within Online Banking. 

Q: Will my member number change?

A: No. Your member number(s) will remain the same, however all accounts and shares that are associated to your Social Security Number or TIN will be made available to you online, under one set of login credentials.  

This means that you may notice more (or fewer) accounts in your Online Banking dashboard.  You will not have access to any share, deposit or loan that you are not an owner.  

Q: Will the upgrade impact my Online or Mobile Banking credentials?

A: Yes. Your Online Banking user ID will remain the same. However, you will be required to establish a new password and set up your account security.

Please Note: For security purposes user IDs containing your Social Security Number or Member Number will no longer be accepted.

If you are currently using either of these as your username we encourage you to change this to something more secure prior to September 30th. New usernames created must be 8-32 characters, and contain at least one letter and one number. 

Q: Will my scheduled transfers that I set up within Online Banking continue to work?

A: No. Unfortunately, any one-time or scheduled recurring transfers that you have set up within our current online banking platform (both internal and external) will no longer work after September 30th. 

Please make note of any scheduled transfers (account to account, account to loan) that you currently have set up, as you will need to set up and schedule these transfers again after the upgrade. 

Q:  Will I be able to use Zelle®? 

A:  Zelle will no longer be offered after September 26th, but we will offer easy access to the most popular person-to-person payment options including Venmo, Google Pay™ and Apple Pay™. You can still use Zelle by downloading the Zelle App and linking your Credit Union Debit card to Zelle

You will need to re-establish your Zelle contacts in the payment option you choose.

Q:  Will my Account nicknames transfer?

No. Account nicknames will not carry over through the upgrade and will need to be

Q: Will my Online or Mobile Banking look different?

A: Yes. After the upgrade your Online and Mobile Banking will offer a new look with easier navigation and added features.

Some changes that you will see after the upgrade:

  • New Dashboard
    You will see all of your deposits and loans (even from different member numbers) on your Online and Mobile Banking dashboard.
  • Manage debit and credit cards
    You will have full access to your Debit Card(s) and Credit Card(s), and will no longer need to use another app to enable card controls.

Q: Will there be a delay in receiving my statement due to the upgrade?

A: No. September statements will arrive within the normal delivery time-frame. E-Statements will be available on October 4th. 

Your October statements will have a new and improved look!

Q: Will my account suffixes change?

A: Yes. Your account suffixes will change from a 2-digit to a 4-digit number. For example, your checking account 75 will become 0750, your savings 01 will be 0010, and your loan C2 will become 0200.   

Q.  Will my card app still work and will my card alerts still function?  

A.  No.  The Card Access app will be shut off on September 29th, which will unenroll you and deactivate any card controls.  On October 4th, you will be able to re-register your debit and/or credit cards for card controls from within Online or Mobile Banking.  

Q: What should I do if I have questions?

If you have any questions regarding this planned system upgrade, please visit the  Upgrade Page or contact a Credit Union representative. 



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